6-101: Definitions
6-102: Purpose
6-103: Jurisdiction
6-104: Change Of Venue; Disqualification Of Judge
6-105: Chief Of Police As Principal Officer Of Court
6-106: Clerk Of Court; Duties
6-107: Town Attorney; Powers And Duties
6-108: Bond
6-109: Authority Of Judge To Prescribe Rules
6-110: Traffic Violations Bureau Created; Payment Of Fines, Fines In Lieu Of Appearance
6-111: Schedule Of Fines
6-112: Prosecutions; Filing Of Complaint, Fees, Defects Raised Prior To Trial
6-113: Ordinance Violations; Procedures For Issuing Citation; Custody, Arrest
6-114: Traffic Bail Bond Act
6-115: Issuance Of Summons; Failure To Appear
6-116: Failure To Appear According To Terms Of Bond, Bond Forfeiture, Bench Warrant
6-117: Complainant, Witnesses, Failure To Appear
6-118: Issuance Of Warrant
6-119: Procedures For Bail Or Bond; Bond Schedule
6-120: Arraignment
6-121: Postponement Of Trial
6-122: Defendant's Presence Required At Trial
6-123: Procedure For Trials Not Within Scope Of Chapter
6-124: Right To Trial By Jury; Waiver
6-125: Judgment
6-126: Judgment Of Imprisonment
6-127: Suspension Or Deferment Of Judgment; Powers
6-128: Payment Of Costs By Defendant
6-129: Enforcement Of Fines And Costs, Imprisonment, Work And Community Service
6-130: Same Offense Punishable By Different Sections Of The Code
6-131: Contempt Of Court
6-132: Penalty Assessments
6-133: Fines Recoverable By Civil Action; Failure To Pay Separate Offense; Imprisonment



1. 11 OS § 27-101 et seq.