A.   If a resident of this town is arrested by a law enforcement officer for the violation of any traffic ordinance for which other provisions of this chapter do not apply, or is arrested for the violation of a nontraffic ordinance, the officer shall immediately release the person if the person acknowledges receipt of a citation by signing it. However, the arresting officer need not release the person if it reasonably appears to the officer that the person may cause injury to himself or others or damage to property if released, that the person will not appear in response to the citation, or the person is arrested for an offense against a person or property. If the person fails to appear in response to the citation, a warrant shall be issued for his arrest and his appearance shall be compelled.
   B.   If the arrested resident is not released by being permitted to sign a citation as provided in this subsection, he shall be admitted to bail either before or after arraignment, or shall be released on personal recognizance.
   C.   If a nonresident of this town is arrested by a law enforcement officer for a violation of any ordinance for which section 6-114 of this chapter does not apply, the defendant shall be eligible to be admitted to bail either before or after arraignment.
   D.   If the alleged offense be a violation of an ordinance restricting or regulating the parking of vehicles, including any regulations issued under such an ordinance, and the operator be not present, the police officer shall place on the vehicle, at a place reasonably likely to come to the notice of the operator, a citation conforming substantially to that prescribed in this section, with such variation as the circumstances require, the operator of this vehicle shall be under the same obligation to respond to the citation as if it had been issued to him personally under subsection A of this section. (1998 Code)