A.   Any person:
      1.   Convicted of an offense punishable by a fine of ten dollars ($10.00) or more or by imprisonment, excluding parking and standing violations; or
      2.   Forfeiting bond when charged with such an offense under subsection A1 of this section,
shall pay a sum as set by state law as a separate penalty assessment for law enforcement training, and as a separate fingerprinting fee, which shall be in addition to and not in substitution for any and all fines and penalties and costs otherwise provided for such offense. The court shall provide for separate bail for the assessments; however, a defendant admitted to bail on an undertaking by a surety may include the amount of the assessment in the undertaking.
   B.   Upon conviction or bond forfeiture, the court shall collect the assessment and deposit the monies for payment as required by state law.
   C.   At the end of every quarter the town shall deposit with the Oklahoma state treasury the funds deposited in the law enforcement training funds and the AFIS (automated fingerprint identification) fund as required by law. The court clerk shall also furnish to the state treasury reports required on the funds collected and penalty assessments imposed each quarter.
   D.   For the purpose of this section, "conviction" means any final adjudication of guilt, whether pursuant to a plea of guilty or nolo contendere or otherwise, and any deferred or suspended sentence or judgment. (1998 Code)



1. 20 OS §§ 1313.1 – 1313.3.