(a)   A facility shall be conducted in compliance with the MMFLA, the rules promulgated pursuant to the MMFLA, including but not limited to the Emergency Rules, the MMMA, and all other laws, rules, and regulations of the state of Michigan and the City of Battle Creek.
   (b)   All marihuana in any form kept at the location of the medical marihuana facility shall be kept within an enclosed, secured building and shall not be visible from any location outside of the building except as may specifically be provided under City zoning ordinances.
   (c)   Marihuana facilities shall be closed for business, and no sale or any distribution, delivery or receipt of marihuana in any form shall occur upon the premises between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.
   (d)   An authorized person shall consent to the entry into a marihuana facility by the Building Official and Zoning Inspectors or their designee for the purpose of inspection to determine compliance with this chapter and Ch. 1299, pursuant to a notice posted in a conspicuous place on the premises two or more days before the date of the inspection or sent by first class mail to the address of the premises four or more calendar days before the date of the inspection.
   (e)   All security measures required in this chapter shall be maintained in good working order. The premises shall be monitored and secured 24 hours per day.
   (f)   All marihuana in any form on the premises of a marihuana facility shall be marihuana cultivated, manufactured, testing, sold, and packaged in the State of Michigan.
   (g)   Access to the facility is restricted to the MMF permittee, employees of the permittee, and registered qualifying patients and registered primary caregivers with valid registry cards, if applicable, and the department, through its investigators, agents, auditors, or the State Police or BCPD. A separate waiting area may be created for visitors not authorized to enter the marihuana facility.
   (h)   Marihuana products must be marketed or advertised as "medical marihuana" for use only by registered qualifying patients or registered primary caregivers.
   (i)   A person or entity that receives an MMF Permit under this chapter shall display its Permit and, when issued, its State Medical Marihuana Facility License in plain view clearly visible to City officials and State Medical Marihuana Licensing Board authorized agents.
(Ord. 02-2018. Passed 2-6-18; Ord. 14-2018. Passed 11-13-18.)