Standards Applicable to Specific Uses
1251.01   Adaptive reuse.
1251.02   Adult businesses.
1251.03   Assisted senior living.
1251.04   Automobile car wash establishment.
1251.05   Automobile repair.
1251.06   Automobile service station.
1251.07   Automobile or vehicle dealership.
1251.08   Banquet and meeting hall.
1251.09   Bed and breakfast.
1251.10   Campground.
1251.11   Cemetery.
1251.12   Community garden.
1251.13   Convalescent home, nursing home, or home for the aged.
1251.14   Drive-thru business.
1251.15   Farmer’s market.
1251.16   Government/public uses.
1251.17   General and specialized farms, including crops and the raising and keeping of livestock.
1251.18   Home occupations.
1251.19   Hospital greater than twenty thousand square feet.
1251.20   Hotel.
1251.21   Independent senior living with services.
1251.22   Junk or salvage yard.
1251.23   Kennels/veterinarian.
1251.24   Marihuana: marihuana business regulations.
1251.25   Marihuana: adult use marihuana retailer establishment.
1251.26   Marihuana: adult use marihuana microbusiness.
1251.27   Marihuana facilities and establishments.
1251.28   Marihuana: medical and adult use marihuana grow operation.
1251.29   Marihuana: medical and adult use marihuana processing facility.
1251.30   Marihuana: medical marihuana provisioning center.
1251.31   Marihuana: medical and adult use marihuana safety compliance facility.
1251.32   Marihuana: medical and adult use marihuana secure transporter.
1251.33   Multi-family dwelling units.
1251.34   Motel.
1251.35   Microbrewery.
1251.36   Outdoor recreation.
1251.37   Outdoor storage.
1251.38   Personal-scale solar energy facility.
1251.39   Personal-scale wind energy facility.
1251.40   Personal service establishment.
1251.41   Private garden.
1251.42   Religious institutions.
1251.43   Rooming and boarding houses.
1251.44   Self-storage/mini-storage facilities.
1251.45   State licensed child care family home, one to seven children.
1251.46   State licensed child care group home, eight to fourteen children.
1251.47   State licensed residential facility, adult foster care family home, one through six persons.
1251.48   State licensed residential facility, adult foster care group home for more than seven through twenty residents; community residential facility and group homes.
1251.49   Transitional and supportive residential housing up to six persons.
1251.50   Transitional and supportive residential housing for more than six persons.
1251.51   Telecommunication towers.
1251.52   Utility-scale solar energy facility.
1251.53   Utility-scale wind energy facility.
1251.54   Vehicle repair, major.