240.01   Aid to other municipalities.
240.02   Rules adopted.
240.03   Deputy Fire Chief.
240.04   Fire and emergency responses.
240.05   Emergency medical and rescue services.
Editor’s note:
   Because of the frequency of change, provisions relating to compensation, classification and benefits are not codified. Copies of the latest relevant legislation may be obtained from the Clerk of Council.
   Appointment of emergency firefighters, see Ohio R.C. 737.10
   Civil Service Commission, see CHTR. § 6.04(b); ADM. Ch. 268
   Creation within Department of Public Safety, see CHTR. § 4.03(b)
   Driving over fire hose, see TRAF. 331.28
   False fire alarm or report, see GEN. OFF. 648.08, 648.09
   Fire Codes, see F.P. Ch. 1604
   Fire Districts, see B. & H. Ch. 1446
   Fire protection, nursing homes, see F.P. Ch. 1608
   Fires in parks, see S.U. & P.S. 1068.06(f)
   Fireworks, see S.U. & P.S. 1068.06(b); F.P. Ch. 1612
   General duties, see Ohio R.C. 737.11
   Hours and leave, see Ohio R.C. 737.21, 4115.02
   Open burning, see GEN. OFF. 610.09(i), 660.20
   Original appointments, probationary period and age, see Ohio R.C. 124.27, 124.30, 124.42
   Parking near fire, see TRAF. 331.27
   Police and Firemen’s Disability and Pension Fund, see ADM. 254.12
   Promotions, see Ohio R.C. 124. 31, 124.45
   Reductions, suspensions and removals, see Ohio R.C. 124.34 et seq. 737.12
   Sick leave, see Ohio R.C. 124.38