Except by the authority of public officers having charge of a park, no person shall:
   (A)   Bathing and swimming hours. Frequent or congregate at any waters or places designated for the purpose of swimming or bathing, except between such hours of the day as are designated by the Director for such purposes for each individual area;
   (B)   Bathing costume. Wear a bathing suit so as to indecently expose his or her person or call forth merited criticism or appear in a bathing costume at any place in the parks, except within the limits of designated bathing places or areas; all bathing costumes shall conform to commonly accepted standards;
   (C)   Bath house. Dress or undress on any beach or in any vehicle, toilet or other place, except in such bath houses or structures as may be provided for that purpose;
   (D)   Hunting. Hunt, trap or pursue wildlife at any time or use, carry or possess air rifles, spring guns, bow and arrows, slings, any other form of weapon potentially inimical to wildlife and dangerous to human safety or any kind of trapping device, nor shall any person shoot into park areas from beyond park boundaries;
   (E)   Picnic areas regulated. Picnic or lunch in a place other than those designated for that purpose or fail to comply with any direction given by park employees who have the authority to regulate the activities in such areas, when necessary to prevent congestion and to secure maximum use for the comfort and convenience of all;
   (F)   Availability of picnic areas. Fail to comply with the regulation that the use of individual fireplaces, together with tables and benches, follows generally the rule of “first come, first served”, except in cases where park facilities have been reserved with permission of the Director;
   (G)   Picnic areas non-exclusive. Use any portion of the picnic areas or of any of the buildings or structures therein for the purpose of holding picnics to the exclusion of other persons;
   (H)   Duties of picnicker. Leave a picnic area before a fire is completely extinguished and before all trash in the nature of boxes, papers, cans, bottles, garbage and other refuse is placed in the disposal receptacles, where provided or, if no such receptacles are available, is carried away from the park area;
   (I)   Camping. Set up tents, shacks or any other temporary shelter or leave in a park after closing hours any movable structure or special vehicle to be used or that could be used for such purpose, such as a house trailer, camping trailer, camp-wagon or the like;
   (J)   Games. Take part in or abet the playing of any game involving thrown or otherwise propelled objects such as balls, stones, arrows, javelins or model airplanes, except in areas set apart for such forms of recreation, or play rough or comparatively dangerous games such as football and baseball, except on the fields, courts and areas provided therefor;
   (K)   Horseback riding. Ride a horse or other animal except on designated bridle trails using only horses which are thoroughly broken, properly restrained and ridden with due care and which are not allowed to graze or go unattended or be hitched to any rock, tree or shrub;
   (L)   Boating. Operate a power boat, runabout, canoe or raft on any lake or pond under the jurisdiction of the Parks and Recreation Commission;
   (M)   Fishing. Fish in any pond or lake under the control of the Parks and Recreation Commission during the hours of darkness, fish anywhere, except from shore or fail to comply with any state fishing regulations; or
   (N)   Activity hours. Frequent any park or recreation area, except during the hours of daylight, except where lighted facilities are provided or special group permission is granted by the Director. Lighted recreation facilities shall be closed at 11:00 p.m. and participation past this time is prohibited. All parks shall close at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time or 9:30 p.m. Daylight Saving Time unless otherwise posted.
(Prior Code, § 1068.05)  (Ord. 42-1971, passed 3-15-1971; Ord. 55-2018, passed 5-14-2018)