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   (a)   Only metal support structures of galvanized construction, or equal quality thereto, shall be permitted as support for any earth station antenna.
   (b)   Either a concrete base or caissons, depending on soil conditions, shall be employed in line with grade.
   (c)   The structure shall be designed to withstand a wind force of up to eighty-five miles per hour in a manner conforming with good engineering practices.
   (d)   Any driving motor shall be limited to 110V maximum power design and be encased in protective guards.
   (e)   All underground electrical wiring shall be encased in rigid conduit with an eighteen-inch cover.
   (f)   The earth station antenna shall be bonded to an eight-foot grounding rod.
   (g)   If guy lines are used, they shall be confined within the fenced area required in Section 1480.07.
   (h)   All submitted plans must meet with engineering practices and standards.
(Ord. 163-84.  Passed 11-26-84.)