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Flood Damage Reduction
1476.01   Statutory authorization.
1476.02   Findings of fact.
1476.03   Statement of purpose.
1476.04   Methods of reducing flood loss.
1476.05   Lands to which these regulations apply.
1476.06   Basis for establishing the areas of special flood hazard.
1476.07   Abrogation and greater restrictions.
1476.08   Interpretation.
1476.09   Warning and disclaimer of liability.
1476.10   Definitions.
1476.11   Designation of the Floodplain Administrator.
1476.12   Duties and responsibilities of the Floodplain Administrator.
1476.13   Floodplain development permits.
1476.14   Application required.
1476.15   Review and approval of a floodplain development permit application.
1476.16   Inspections.
1476.17   Post-construction certifications required.
1476.18   Revoking a floodplain development permit.
1476.19   Exemption from filing a development permit.
1476.20   State and federal development.
1476.21   Map maintenance activities.
1476.22   Data use and flood map interpretation.
1476.23   Use of preliminary flood insurance rate map and/or flood insurance study data.
1476.24   Substantial damage determinations.
1476.25   Use regulations.
1476.26   Water and wastewater systems.
1476.27   Subdivisions and other new developments.
1476.28   Residential structures.
1476.29   Nonresidential structures.
1476.30   Accessory structures.
1476.31   Recreational vehicles.
1476.32   Gas or liquid storage tanks.
1476.33   Assurance of flood-carrying capacity.
1476.34   Development standards for coastal high hazard areas.
1476.35   Appeals Board established.
1476.36   Powers and duties.
1476.37   Appeals.
1476.38   Variances.
1476.39   Procedure at hearings.
1476.40   Appeal to the court.
1476.41   Compliance required.
1476.42   Notice of violation.
1476.99   Penalty.
   Flood control by soil conservation district supervisors - see Ohio R.C. 1515.08
   Flood insurance - see Ohio R.C. 3925.34(C), 3941.02(A)(1)
   Water supply, sanitation, ditches - see Ohio R.C. 6101.01 et seq.
   Altering, polluting and diverting watercourses - see GEN. OFF. 660.04