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   (a)   The owner, part-owner, occupant or renter, which latter two applicants shall have written consent to erect such an antenna from the owners of any lot, premises or parcel of land within the Municipality so occupied or rented, who desires to construct or erect a dish-type satellite earth station antenna at such location shall apply to the Building Inspector for the permit required in Section 1480.01.
   (b)   The Building Inspector shall issue such permit, provided that the applicant submits a written application upon forms provided by the Building Department along with a plot plan of the lot, premises or parcel of land showing the exact location of the proposed earth station antenna; the location of all buildings on the subject lot; a description of the kind of earth station dish antenna proposed; and three complete sets of construction plans, specifications and elevations of the proposed location with sufficient details to show the method of assembly and construction. Each set of plans and specifications shall show the complete name and address of the subject property owner and the complete name and address of the person who prepared the plans and specifications. The application shall indicate the owner of the subject property, the occupant of the subject premises and the contractor or other person who is proposed to construct or erect the proposed satellite dish earth station antenna, who shall be a duly licensed contractor in accordance with the ordinances and regulations of the City. All construction plans shall be certified in writing by a professional engineer.
   (c)   The Department shall notify all adjoining property owners of the proposed earth station antenna site of the application for a permit to erect a satellite dish earth station antenna not less than ten days before issuing such permit by certified mail, return receipt requested.
(Ord. 163-84.  Passed 11-26-84.)