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   (a)   A person may request that the City make an inspection of the alarm system if:
      (1)   Mechanical malfunction or faulty equipment has caused five or more false alarms in the twelve-month period immediately preceding such request; or
      (2)   The permit for such system has been revoked.
   (b)   To request an inspection, the person in control of the property shall submit to the Safety Director or his or her designee:
      (1)   Evidence as to the cause of such false alarms;
      (2)   Evidence that the mechanical malfunction or faulty equipment has been repaired by a person qualified to make such repairs; and
      (3)   An inspection fee as provided in Chapter 208 of the Administration Code - the General Fee Schedule.
   (c)   Upon receipt of such request for inspection, the Safety Director or his or her designee shall forward such request to the Police Department or the Fire Department within three working days, and an inspection of such alarm system shall be made by the Department within ten working days thereafter.
(Ord. 15-87.  Passed 2-9-87.)