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1098.11  REPAIR.
   The person in control of the property on which an alarm system is installed shall ensure that the alarm system is repaired within seventy-two hours of the time notification that such system is malfunctioning is given, in writing, on a form designated by the Police Department or the Fire Department to him or her or to his or her employee or his or her agent by a member of the Department designated by the Police Chief or Fire Chief to give such notice.
   The person in control of the property may cause such system to be deactivated rather than having such system repaired, if he or she so desires. If he or she does deactivate such system rather than have it repaired, such system shall not be reactivated until it has been repaired, excepting all systems which are required by statute, ordinance or the Fire Prevention or Building Codes. 
(Ord. 15-87.  Passed 2-9-87.)