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Illicit Discharge and Storm Water Pollution Connection Regulation
EDITOR’S NOTE:  Ordinance 25-08, passed February 25, 2008, adopted the Avon Lake Municipal Stormwater Program Manual.
1061.01   Purpose; intent.
1061.02   Definitions.
1061.03   Applicability.
1061.04   Responsibility for administration.
1061.05   Ultimate responsibility.
1061.06   Discharge prohibitions.
1061.07   Suspension of MS4 access.
1061.08   Industrial or construction activity discharges.
1061.09   Monitoring of discharges.
1061.10   Requirement to prevent, control, and reduce storm water pollutants by the use of Best Management Practices.
1061.11   Notification of spills.
1061.12   Enforcement.
1061.13   Appeal of notice of violation.
1061.14   Enforcement measures after appeal.
1061.15   Cost of abatement of the violation.
1061.16   Injunctive relief.
1061.17   Violations deemed a public nuisance.
1061.18   Criminal prosecution.
1061.19   Remedies not exclusive.