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   Controlled Substance Schedules I, II, III, IV, and V, as established in Ohio R.C. 3719.41 and amended by Ohio R.C. 3719.43 and 3719.44, are hereby adopted by reference, and shall be treated as if set forth in full herein.
Statutory reference:
   For comprehensive lists of drugs identified under each of the following Schedules, see Ohio R.C. 3719.41, as amended by Ohio R.C. 3719.43 and 3719.44:
   Schedule I
   (a)   Narcotics - opiates
   (b)   Narcotics - opium derivatives
   (c)   Hallucinogens
   (d)   Depressants
   (e)   Stimulants
   Schedule II
   (a)   Narcotics - opium and opium derivatives
   (b)   Narcotics - opiates
   (c)   Stimulants
   (d)   Depressants
   (e)   Hallucinogenic substances
   (f)   Immediate precursors
   Schedule III
   (a)   Stimulants
   (b)   Depressants
   (c)   Narcotic antidotes
   (d)   Narcotics - narcotic preparations
   (e)   Anabolic steroids
   (f)   Hallucinogenic substances
   Schedule IV
   (a)   Narcotic drugs
   (b)   Depressants
   (c)   Fenfluramine
   (d)   Stimulants
   (e)   Other substances
   Schedule V
   (a)   Narcotic drugs
   (b)   Narcotics - narcotic preparations
   (c)   Stimulants