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618.01   Dogs and other animals running at large.
618.02   Abandoning animals.
618.03   Killing or injuring animals.
618.04   Poisoning animals.
618.05   Cruelty to animals; cruelty to companion animals.
618.06   Coloring rabbits and baby poultry; sale or display of poultry.
618.07   Barking, howling or destructive dogs.
618.08   Registration of dogs required.
618.09   Hindering capture of unregistered dog.
618.095   Dogs required to wear tags.
618.10   Unlawful tags.
618.11   Rabies quarantine.
618.12   Hunting prohibited; exceptions.
618.13   Nuisance conditions prohibited.
618.14   Impounding and disposition; records.
618.15   Reserved.
618.16   Dangerous and vicious dogs. (Repealed)
618.17   Nuisance, dangerous and vicious dogs; definitions and transfer of ownership.
618.18   Impoundment of a dog for public safety.
618.19   Impoundment of a dog for public safety.
618.20   Confining, restraining, debarking nuisance, dangerous, and vicious dogs.
618.21   Potential nuisance dog classification.
618.22   Control of potential nuisance dogs.
618.23   Declassification of dogs.
618.24   Dog classified by another jurisdiction.
618.25   Objection hearings.
618.26   Dangerous and vicious dog ownership restrictions.
618.27   Exemptions.
618.28   Strict liability.
   See section histories for similar State law
   Power to restrain and impound animals - see Ohio R.C. 715.23
   Driving animals upon roadway - see TRAF. 404.05, 412.05
   Definitions generally - see GEN. OFF. 606.01
   Assaulting police dog or horse or assistance dog - see GEN. OFF. 642.08
   Offensive odors from places where animals are kept or fed - see GEN. OFF. 660.04