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412.07  PARADES.
   (a)   As used in this section, "parade" means a group of ten or more persons on foot, or three or more vehicles or equestrians, standing or moving upon any public highway or ground under common control or direction.  This definition does not include governmental officers or employees acting in their capacity as such, or persons under their direction, any military organization, any funeral procession or any person while engaging in his or her lawful employment in business or trade.
   (b)   No person shall take part in any parade unless a license for the parade has been issued as provided in this section, except that no permit is required for any person who is engaged in lawful picketing.
   (c)   Any person may apply to the Mayor for permission to hold a parade.  The application shall be in writing and in duplicate, submitted to the Mayor not less than ten days before the proposed time of the parade and shall state:
      (1)   The correct name and residence address of the applicant and of all other persons who will have complete or partial charge of the parade;
      (2)   The proposed time and route;
      (3)   The approximate number of participants and how many will be on foot, mounted or in vehicles;
      (4)   The name of the organization, if any, represented in the parade and the names and addresses of such officers in charge or control of the participants in the parade for each organization;
      (5)   The purpose of that parade; and
      (6)   A complete copy of any legend proposed to be displayed on any sign, banner or otherwise in connection with the parade.
   (d)   The Mayor shall consider the application and pass upon the same within 72 hours of its submission.  If he or she finds that the proposed parade will result in disturbance of the peace, a violation of any law, unreasonable interference with public travel, unreasonable demand upon the personnel of the Police, Fire or Public Works Department or unreasonable interference with the right of quiet enjoyment by the residents in the use of their property, he or she shall refuse to permit it.  Otherwise, he or she shall issue a permit therefor, which shall be attached to or written upon one copy of the application and given to the applicant.
   (e)   When a permit has been issued, no person shall take part in the management or direction of the parade held thereunder unless he or she is named in the application; participate in the parade at any other time or on any other route than that named in the application; participate in the parade if it contains a number of participants, vehicles or animals more than fifty percent greater than that stated in the application; or display by sign, banner or otherwise any legend not completely set forth in the application.
   (f)   No person shall knowingly give any false or misleading information in any application for a parade permit.
   (g)   No person shall drive a vehicle through a parade, except with the permission of a police officer.
(Ord. 181-64.  Passed 12-31-64; Ord. 43-2014.  Passed 4-14-14.)