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Traffic Control Devices
Editor's note: Resolution 167-91, passed December 23, 1991, adopted a policy to be used in determining the need for installation of traffic lights within the Municipality.
414.01   Obedience to traffic control devices.
414.02   Through streets; stop and yield right- of-way signs.
414.03   Traffic control signal terms and lights.
414.04   Signal to control lane direction of travel.
414.05   Pedestrian control signals.
414.06   Reserved.
414.07   Unauthorized signs and signals, hiding from view, advertising.
414.08   Alteration, injury, removal of traffic control devices.
414.09   Unauthorized possession or sale of devices.
414.10   Signal preemption devices; prohibitions.
414.99   Penalty.
   See section histories for similar State law
   Designation of through streets or stop intersections - see Ohio R.C. 4511.07, 4511.65
   Uniform system of traffic control devices - see Ohio R.C. 4511.09, 4511.11; TRAF. 406.02
   Placing and maintaining local traffic control devices - see Ohio R.C. 4511.10, 4511.11
   Traffic control devices defined - see TRAF. 402.48
   Authority and considerations for placing of devices - see TRAF. 406.01
   Posting of signs and signals required - see TRAF. 406.04
   Intersections at which traffic control signals fail or malfunction - see TRAF. 432.155
   Criminal mischief (tampering) - see GEN. OFF. 642.11