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   The Parks and Recreation Commission shall hold an organizational meeting at its first regular meeting date of the year and the meeting schedule for the year will be the first order of business.  There shall be a minimum of five meetings per year held on the fourth Wednesday of the scheduled month. Work sessions may be called at the discretion of the Commission Chairperson and/or the Recreation Director. The Commission shall elect a Chairperson and a Vice-Chairperson to serve for one-year terms. The Recreation Director shall serve as the Clerk of the Commission. Minutes of meetings shall be recorded and kept on file in the Recreation Director's office. Copies shall be filed with Commission members, the Mayor and Council.
(Ord. 145-76.  Passed 10-25-76; Ord. 166-04.  Passed 7-12-04; Ord. 122-2018.  Passed 7-9-18.)