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TITLE EIGHT - Boards, Commissions and Committees
         Chap. 270.  Parks and Recreation Commission.
         Chap. 272.  Air Pollution Control Board.
         Chap. 274.  Environmental Affairs Advisory Board.
         Chap. 276.  Board of Municipal Utilities.
         Chap. 278.  Civil Service Commission.
         Chap. 280.  Municipal Planning Commission.
         Chap. 282.  Board of Building Code Appeals.
         Chap. 284.  Zoning Board of Appeals.
         Chap. 286.  Charter Review Commission.
         Chap. 288.  City Records Commission.
         Chap. 290.  Affirmative Action Commission.
         Chap. 292.  Digital Media Commission.
         Chap. 294.  Citizens Tree Commission.
         Chap. 296.  Audit Committee.
         Chap. 297.  Economic Development Advisory Board.