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   The following policy relating to employment physical examinations is hereby adopted by Council:
   (a)   All applicants for full-time employment with the Municipality may submit to a pre- employment physical examination; or
   (b)   All applicants for part-time and seasonal employment with the Municipality may be required to submit to a pre-employment physical examination;
   (c)   Such physical examination shall be performed by a duly licensed doctor of medicine selected by the Municipality, and the Municipality shall bear all costs and fees involved. The specifications for the physical examination shall be determined by the Human Resources Committee. The licensed physician selected shall render his or her opinion on the basis of the physical examination as to the applicant's physical condition and as to whether or not the physical requirements necessary to perform the duties of the employment position being sought, as established by law, have been met;
   (d)   A copy of the physical examination report shall become a confidential part of the applicant's employee record with the Municipality. Such report shall be filed with the Civil Service Commission;
   (e)   If an applicant fails to pass such physical examination, he or she is disqualified for Municipal employment;
   (f)   If the duties of the employment position being sought have not been established by law, the appointing authority involved or his or her designee shall determine such duties, and the same shall be set forth in detailed written form and delivered to the examining physician for purposes of the physical examination, whether established by law or the appointing authority involved.
   The Human Resources Committee shall establish a procedure to be followed for the implementation of this section.
(Ord. 135-91.  Passed 10-14-91; Ord. 75-2013. Passed 6-10-13.)