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   (a)   A full-time Municipal employee, whether compensated on a salary or hourly basis, who, upon the request of his or her department head, works in excess of the normal hours of work specified in Section 260.04, shall be compensated for such overtime work on the basis of one and one-half times his or her hourly rate or equivalent hourly rate for salaried personnel. The basic hourly rate shall be determined by dividing the employee's bi-weekly wage by eighty hours.
   (b)   Such overtime compensation shall not apply to heads of departments (presently the Director of Finance, the Police Chief, the Fire Chief, the Director of Municipal Utilities, the Public Works Director, the Recreation Director, the Chief Building Inspector and the Planner), unless otherwise provided by Council. Seasonal and part-time employees shall be compensated for overtime work in compliance with applicable law.
   (c)   In computing a forty-hour week basis for allowance of overtime pay, time taken off during the week by an employee shall be deducted unless such time is for authorized leave.
(Ord. 135-91.  Passed 10-14-91; Ord. 43-2014.  Passed 4-14-14.)