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260.02  VACATIONS.
   (a)   All regular full-time non-bargaining employees of the Municipality who have been in the continuous employment of the Municipality for twelve months or more preceding January 1, whether employed on a monthly salary basis or at an hourly rate of pay, shall be allowed an annual vacation, with pay, of two normal work weeks. All regular full-time employees who have been employed for less than twelve months preceding January 1, will receive one full day of vacation for each full month of employment during the previous year up to a maximum of two normal work weeks.
   (b)   The basis of computing the compensation of an employee who works on an hourly rate of pay, for the period of his or her respective vacation, shall be the normal straight time earnings of the particular employee working a full week at the hourly rate fixed for his or her employment in the particular Municipal department where employed.
   (c)   Each person having charge of a department of the Municipality wherein there are other employees under the supervision of such person, shall arrange a schedule of vacations as nearly as possible to conform with the proper functioning of the particular department, as well as to suit the convenience of the respective employees. In any event, vacations shall be taken subject to the review of such determination by the Mayor or the Board of Municipal Utilities.
   (d)   All full-time (2,080 hours) non-bargaining employees who have been in the employment of the City shall be granted vacation as follows (with continuous service):
      (1)   After their 5 year anniversary = 3 weeks vacation;
      (2)   After their 10 year anniversary = 4 weeks vacation;
      (3)   After their 20 year anniversary = 5 weeks vacation.
   All earned vacation shall become effective January 1 after their attainment of the employee's date of hire.
   (e)   Vacations may not be accumulated and shall be taken not later than the end of the subsequent year of service for which the vacation was earned, unless an extension is authorized by Council.
   (f)   A non-bargaining employee whose employment with the City is terminated, or upon retirement, shall be paid for vacation time earned the previous year but not yet taken, and for vacation time earned but not yet taken in the year of termination or retirement. Compensation shall be calculated by dividing the employee's bi-weekly wage by the number of hours normally worked bi-weekly, times the unused hours of vacation, provided that the employee has twelve months or more continuous service.
   (g)   Vacation allowance calculated pursuant to subsection (f) hereof shall be paid to the next of kin or to the executor or administrator of the estate of a deceased employee.
(Ord. 135-91.  Passed 10-14-91.)
   (h)   In the year of the fifth, tenth and twentieth anniversary date of employment, and only in those years, full-time non-bargaining employees not covered by a collective bargaining agreement shall be granted one additional day of paid vacation for each two full months of employment between their anniversary date and December 31.  The employee shall be allowed use of this prorated additional paid vacation time only on or after his or her employment anniversary date.  This pro rata paid vacation shall be taken prior to December 31 and cannot be carried over into the next year.
(Ord. 169-95.  Passed 10-9-95.)
   (i)   Full-time non-bargaining employees shall be eligible to “cash-in” up to ten vacation days per year at the employees’ appropriate hourly rate. Reimbursement for unused vacation days shall be in full day (eight hours) or half day (four hours) increments. The employee shall receive payment for the “cashed-in” vacation days on the next payday after “cashing-out”.
   (j)   Pursuant to the current standing provisions in the multiple CBA's currently in effect the following shall apply to non-bargaining, full-time, employees:
      (1)   Non-bargaining full-time employees who have had prior service (full- or part- time) with the City of Avon Lake and/or any other municipal agency(ies) with the State of Ohio, shall be credited such time for the purposes of calculating vacation time; such calculations shall equal the provisions of the current Collective Bargaining Agreements. Such credit shall be restricted to the past ten years as outlined union CBA.
      (2)   Non-bargaining, full-time employees, who have served in any branch of the United States military and who have received an honorable discharge, shall receive credit for vacation time calculated (above). Active duty time will be used for the basis of such calculations and such time shall be restricted to the past ten years in keeping with the intent of division (a) above. Active duty will be defined for these purposes as time listed on the official DD 214 discharge paperwork itemized as "active duty."
      (3)   Additional credit for prior municipal (Ohio) and/or military service shall not have a greater benefit than current unionized employees.
   (k)   Eligible full-time non-bargaining employees, who have served in the United States military and have received an honorable discharge, shall have such service time transferred and added for the purpose of vacation calculations, or equal to the rate negotiated in the current collective bargaining agreement, whichever has a greater benefit.
(Ord. 135-91.  Passed 10-14-91; Ord. 43-2014.  Passed 4-14-14; Ord. 128-2016.  Passed 10-11-16; Ord. 131-2019.  Passed 12-16-19; Ord. 15-2020.  Passed 2-10-20.)