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260.01  BONDS.
   The following officers and employees of the Municipality shall, before entering upon the duties of their respective offices, give a good and sufficient surety bond to the Municipality, to the satisfaction of and subject to the approval of Council, and conditioned upon the faithful performance and discharge of their respective duties, handling of firearms and for proper application and payment of all money or property coming into their hands by virtue of their offices, in the following amounts:
Municipal Officer or Employee         Surety Bond
Mayor                     $ 10,000
Finance Director               200,000
Tax Administrator               100,000
Chief of Police               10,000
Building Inspector               10,000
Municipal Court Clerk            10,000
Municipal Court Bailiff            10,000
Municipal Deputy Court Clerks and Bailiffs      10,000
All officers and employees carrying
   firearms               5,000
Board of Municipal Utilities employees
   having moneys belonging to the Board
   in their custody and control         5,000
All other officers and employees of the
   Municipality or any department
   thereof, having moneys belonging to
   the funds of the Municipality or any
   department thereof in their possession
   or control as a customary incident of
   their office or employment         5,000
   Council may permit and authorize blanket bonds from any duly authorized corporate surety, within the limitations of the City Charter and Ohio R.C. 3.06.
   Whenever an officer or employee of the Municipality is required to furnish bond to ensure faithful performance of the duties of his or her office or employment, the bond premium or cost of the bond shall be paid from the general funds of the Municipality if he or she is an officer or employee of the Municipality generally, or from the funds of the Board of Municipal Utilities if he or she is an officer or employee of the Board.  Any such bonds furnished to the Municipality shall be in the custody of the Director of Finance, except that the bond of the Director of Finance shall be in the custody of the Mayor.  Proof of bonding shall be forwarded to the Clerk of Council.
(Ord. 135-91.  Passed 10-14-91; Ord. 57-96.  Passed 3-11-96; Ord. 113-2010.  Passed 11-8-10.)