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   (a)   Effective September 1, 1982, and every second year thereafter, City employees in an appropriate unit, either directly or through an employee organization, where such organization exists, or any other duly authorized representative, may submit a written list of requests, relating to wages, conditions, hours of employment and other employee benefits, to the Special Employee Committee of Council. Upon receipt of the list, the Clerk of Council shall forthwith supply copies of each list to each and every member of Council.
   (b)   Whenever a list of requests has been so submitted to the Committee, it shall be given prompt consideration. The Committee shall arrange for and conduct meetings for discussions with the individual or employee organization making the requests so as to fully explore the merit of requests made.
   (c)   On or before November 15, following the receipt of the list of requests, the Committee shall prepare recommendations and submit such recommendations, in writing, to Council for action to be taken, if any, on the list of requests submitted. A copy of the written recommendations of the Committee shall be supplied by the Clerk of Council to each employee or his or her duly authorized employee organization or representative which submitted a written list of requests.
(Ord. 110-82.  Passed 9-13-82.)