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   At any time that the appointing authority deems it necessary, in the interests of the City, by reason of lack of funds or by reason of a position no longer being necessary, he or she may dismiss or lay off any officer or employee, either indefinitely or for a period of time.
   In the event of the abolition of any position in the Police Department or the Fire Department, filled by an officer permanently appointed, the youngest officer in point of service holding a position of such rank as that abolished shall be demoted to the next lower rank, and the youngest officer in the next lower rank shall be demoted, and so on down until the youngest person in point of service has been reached, who shall be laid off. As to any other position outside the Police Department or the Fire Department, in the case of layoff or abolition of a position where there are two or more like positions existing, the youngest employee in point of time in service shall be laid off.  (Ord. 8-62.  Passed 1-8-62.)