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   (a)   In all cases of suspension from duty without pay for more than three days, of demotion in rank and salary and of dismissal, the Appointing Authority shall furnish the employee with a copy of the order of suspension, demotion or dismissal, with his or her reasons for the same, within the time limits set forth in Section 256.11(d) or (e), whichever is applicable.  Copies thereof shall be filed with the Civil Service Commission. The order may be made effective immediately or from a later time and date set forth in the order.
   (b)   The employee shall be given a reasonable time, set forth in the order, in which to make and file a written explanation. A copy of such written explanation, if any, shall be filed with the Commission. The filings required in this section with the Commission shall be for informational purposes only and shall be made as soon as reasonably practical, but the effective date of any disciplinary action shall not be affected by the date of filing of such copies with the Commission.
(Ord. 123-91.  Passed 9-9-91; Ord. 75-2013. Passed 6-10-13.)