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256.09  PROBATION.
   Employees appointed from original appointment eligible lists and from promotional eligible lists shall be subject to a probationary period of one year, except for original appointments in the Police and Fire Departments. In the case of original appointments in the Police and Fire Departments, the probationary period shall be one year after the person is first placed on solo patrol or solo assignment. The work and conduct of probationary employees shall be subject to close scrutiny and evaluation and, if found to be below standards satisfactory to the appointing authority, the appointing authority may remove the probationary employee or demote such employee at any time during the probationary period. Such removal or demotion shall not be subject to review or appeal. An employee shall be retained beyond the end of the probationary period and granted permanent status unless the appointing authority removes or demotes such employee within the 12-month period.
(Ord. 60-2010.  Passed 5-24-10; Ord. 75-2013. Passed 6-10-13.)