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   (a)   On the recommendation of the Chief of Police and subject to confirmation by Council, the Mayor shall appoint an individual, whose duties shall relate to the enforcement of this section and Chapter 618 of the General Offenses Code, and who may be referred to as the Municipal Animal Warden.  While on duty, he or she shall be readily identifiable in order to designate his or her authority as Municipal Animal Warden to perform the duties as set forth in subsection (d) hereof.
   (b)   The salary of the Municipal Animal Warden shall be fixed from time to time by ordinance of Council.
   (c)   Suitable accommodations shall be provided for impounded animals under the direction of the Chief of Police.
   (d)   In general, the duties of the Municipal Animal Warden shall be as follows:
      (1)   When directed by the Chief of Police or his or her designee, the Municipal Animal Warden shall patrol such sections of the Municipality as are designated for the purpose of apprehending stray dogs or other animals running at large.
      (2)   The Municipal Animal Warden shall seize and impound all dogs which are required by law to be licensed and which are found within the municipality and are not properly licensed. The Municipal Animal Warden shall also seize and impound any licensed dogs found running at large within the Municipality under conditions likely to endanger the public health, peace or safety.
      (3)   The Municipal Animal Warden shall make accurate reports, in writing, to the Chief of Police or his or her designee, regarding all activities he or she performs related to his or her position.
      (4)   The Municipal Animal Warden shall confine all animals seized by him or her in suitable accommodations, and he or she shall make adequate provisions for feeding and watering all animals so confined. An animal seized and placed in confinement may be claimed upon payment according to the Fee Schedule of Avon Lake, Section 208.01, within three days after being seized and impounded. The fee is required in order to cover the expense of enforcing this section and Chapter 618 of the General Offenses Code.
      (5)   Any animal seized by the Municipal Animal Warden and not reclaimed as provided in this section within a period of three days may be delivered to the County Dog Warden or be adopted or disposed of according to the law.
      (6)   The Municipal Animal Warden shall be responsible for the trapping of animals as required for the public health and safety.
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