General Provisions
   150.01   Scope
   150.02   Adoption of regulatory codes by reference
   150.03   Amendments
   150.04   Compliance with codes
   150.05   Copies of codes filed with clerk
   150.06   Liability for damages
   150.07   Building or structure located on property adjacent to National Park Service property
   150.08   Conflicting provisions
Permits and Fees
   150.20   Permits required
   150.21   Application for permit
   150.22   Plans and specifications
   150.23   Limitations on issuance of permits
   150.24   Issuance of permit
   150.25   Revocation of permits
   150.26   Time limitations on validity of permits
   150.27   Changes in work
   150.28   Permit fees
   150.29   Permit fees
   150.30   Noncompliance
Condemnation of Unsafe Buildings
   150.40   Adoption of administration and enforcement requirements
   150.41   Duty of Building Inspector
   150.42   Removing notice from condemned building
   150.43   Duty of owner; procedure for notice and hearing
   150.44   Order to take corrective action
   150.45   Appeal
   150.46   Failure to comply with order
Administration and Enforcement
   150.55   Department of Inspection
   150.56   Inspection procedure
   150.57   Oversight not to legalize violation
   150.58   Powers of inspections officials
   150.59   Evidence of insurance required of contractors
   150.60   Violations
   150.61   Equitable enforcement
Mountain Ridge Protection
   150.70   Mountain Ridge Protection Law
   150.99   Penalty