No new building or part thereof shall be occupied, and no addition or enlargement of any existing building shall be occupied, and no existing building after being altered or moved shall be occupied, (and no change in occupancy, with regard to permitted uses as provided in the county zoning ordinance, as provided now or hereafter, shall be made in any existing building or part thereof), until the Department of Inspections has examined and inspected the building and found that the building in all respects conforms to the provisions of this chapter and all applicable ordinances of the county and the State of North Carolina.
   (A)   Inspections.  The Department of Inspections shall inspect all buildings and structures and work therein for which a permit of any kind has been issued as often as necessary in order to determine whether the work complies with this chapter and the appropriate codes. When deemed necessary by the appropriate inspector, materials and assemblies may be inspected at the point of manufacture or fabrication, or inspections may be made by approval and recognized inspection organizations; provided, no approval shall be based upon reports of such organizations unless the same are in writing and certified by a responsible officer of such organization. All holders of permits, or their agents, shall notify the Department of Inspection at each of the following stages so that approval may be given before work is continued:
      (1)   Building permits.
         (a)   Site inspection.  It shall be made upon application for a building permit.
         (b)   Foundation inspection.  It shall be made after trenches are excavated and the necessary reinforcement and forms are in place, and before concrete is placed. Drilled footings, piles, and similar types of foundations shall be inspected as installed.
         (c)   Framing inspection.  It shall be made after all structural framing is in place and all roughing-in of plumbing and electrical and heating has been installed, after all fire blocking, chimneys, bracing and vents are installed, but before any of the structure is enclosed or covered. Poured-in-place concrete structural elements shall be inspected before each pour of any structural member.
         (d)   Fireproofing inspection.  It shall be conducted after all areas required to be protected by fireproofing are lathed, but before the plastering or other fireproofing is applied.
         (e)   Final inspection.  It will be conducted after building or structure has all doors hung, fixtures set, and ready for occupancy, but before the building is occupied.
      (2)   Plumbing permits.
         (a)   Inspection of rough plumbing. This step is the same as division (1)(c) above.
         (b)   Final inspection.  This step is the same as division (1)(e) above.
         (c)   Septic tanks.  See page 6.
      (3)   Electric permits.
         (a)   Temporary service inspection.  It shall be required when temporary service has been installed.
         (b)   Inspection of rough wiring.  An electrical inspection will be required after the installation of rough wiring. This step is the same as division (1)(c) above, under building permits.
      (4)   Heating, air conditioning, and venting permits.
         (a)   Inspection of rough ducts, wiring and plumbing.  An inspection will be required after the installation of all rough plumbing, wiring, ductwork or other materials related to a heating, venting, or an air conditioning system.
         (b)   Final inspection.  A final inspection of the heating, air conditioning or venting system will be required when the structure is ready for occupancy, but before the building is occupied.
   (B)   Requests for inspections.
      (1)   Requests for inspections shall be made to the office of the Department of Inspections.  Such request must be on forms provided by the Department. The Department shall make inspections as soon as practical after the requested inspection date.
      (2)   Reinspections may be made at the convenience of the Inspector. No work shall be inspected until it is in proper and completed condition ready for inspection. All work which has been concealed before a timely inspection and approval shall be uncovered at the request of the Inspector and placed in condition for proper inspection, provided that the inspection is made within 24 hours following the requested inspection date (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and Legal Holidays). Approval or rejection of the work shall be furnished by the appropriate inspector in the form of a notice posted on the building or given to the permit holder or his agent or contractor. Failure to request inspections or proceeding without approval at each stage of construction shall be deemed a violation of this chapter.
(Ord. passed 7-7-75; Am. Ord. passed 2-4-11)