The following sections of said International Property Maintenance Code, 2015 edition, are hereby revised in the following respects:
   (a)   Section 101.1 Title. Insert City of Amherst, Ohio.
   (b)   Section 102.3 Application of other codes. Amend to: Repairs, additions or alterations to a structure or changes of occupancy, shall be done in accordance with the procedures and provisions of the building codes adopted by the City in PART THIRTEEN, TITLE ONE - “Standards” of these Codified Ordinances. Nothing in this code shall be construed to cancel, modify or set aside any provision of the City’s Planning and Zoning Code.
   (c)   Section 103.1 General. Insert the following second sentence: The code official shall be the Building Official as defined and identified in Section 1331.02 of these Codified Ordinances.
   (d)   Section 103.5 Fees. Insert: “...... shall be as indicated in Chapter 1137 of these Codified Ordinances.
   (e)   Section 106.4 Violation penalties. Add the following final sentence: “Prosecution of violations, penalties and other remedies shall be in accordance with Section 1340.99 of these Codified Ordinances.”
   (f)   Section 110.03 Failure to comply. If the owner of a premises fails to comply with a demolition order within the time prescribed, the code official shall cause the structure to be demolished and removed, either through an available public agency or by contract or arrangement with private persons, and the cost of such demolition, removal, site restoration and associated administrative expenses shall be charged against the real estate upon which the structure is located. Such amount shall be certified to the County Auditor by the Law Director or his/her designee for collection the same as other taxes and assessments are collected, pursuant to Section 715.261(B)(1) and (C) of the Ohio Revised Code.
   (g)   Section 111.1 Application for appeal. Amend to provide: Any person directly affected by a decision of the code official or a notice or order issued under this code shall have the right to appeal to the Board of Zoning Appeals pursuant to Section 1125.03 of these Codified Ordinances, provided that written application for appeal is filed within thirty (30) days after the date of the decision, notice or order was served. An application for appeal shall be based on a claim that the true intent of this code or the rules legally adopted thereunder have been incorrectly interpreted, the provisions of this code do not fully apply, or the requirements of this code are adequately satisfied by other means.
   (h)   Sections 111.2 through 111.9. Delete entirely.
   (i)   Section 112.4 Failure to Comply. Insert: Any person who shall continue any work after having been served with a stop work order, except such work as that person is directed to perform to remove a violation or unsafe condition, shall be subject to penalties pursuant to Section 1340.99 contained herein.
   (j)   Section 302.4 Weeds. Insert in first paragraph: “eight (8) inches”.
   (k)   Section 304.14 Insect Screens. Insert: “May to October”.
   (l)   Section 602.3 Heat supply. Insert: “October to May”.
   (m)   Section 602.4 Occupiable work spaces. Insert: “October to May”.
      (Ord. 0-18-34. Passed 10-8-18.)