1125.03 APPEALS.
   Any decision of the Building Inspector made in the enforcement of this Zoning Code and any decision, notice or order of the Code Official under the Property Maintenance Code may be appealed to the Board of Zoning Appeals by any person adversely affected. An appeal may be perfected by the appellant filing with the Secretary of the Board a notice of his intention to appeal, accompanied by a nonrefundable fee of thirty-five dollars ($35.00) for residential, one hundred dollars ($100.00) for commercial and fifty dollars ($50.00) for a renewal of a variance to cover the cost of advertising the appeal and the mailing of notices. The final disposition of an appeal shall be in the form of a resolution either reversing, modifying or affirming the decision of the Building Inspector or Code Official. If a resolution fails to receive three votes in favor of the appellant, or in favor of a modification of the decision appealed from, the action shall be deemed equivalent to a denial and shall be formally entered upon the record. The Board shall be given a reasonable time in rendering a decision on an appeal. Such period shall not exceed fifteen days. With the consent of the appellant, such period may be extended until the next meeting of the Board.
(Ord. 0-18-34. Passed 10-8-18.)