The following provisions shall apply to vehicles located in all zoning districts unless otherwise specified:
   (a)   Vehicle Parking and Storage. Except as otherwise specifically provided in Part Eleven or Part Thirteen of the Amherst Codified Ordinances, all vehicles shall be properly parked in a driveway as defined in Section 1121.07 of Chapter 1121 of the Zoning Code, a parking lot or a parking space as defined in Section 1121.07 or in an authorized or permitted structure. Vehicles which are inoperable or which do not have a current registration shall be stored in a completely enclosed, authorized or permitted structure on the premises.
   (b)   Temporary Exceptions.
      (1)   Not more often than two (2) times in any twelve (12) month period, the owner of a premises may allow vehicles to be parked on such premises in violation of division (a) of this section for a period not to exceed ninety-six (96) hours. To exercise such right, such owner shal notify the Police Department of such intent at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance.
      (2)   Vehicles used in farming, as defined in Section 1121.07, on the premises on which such vehicles are located.
   (c)   Storage of Commercial and Industrial Vehicles, Equipment and/or Materials. Storage of vehicles, equipment and materials relating to commercial or industrial uses is prohibited in residential zoned districts, unless otherwise specifically permitted in the Zoning Code, and with the exception of vehicles used by the resident(s) of the premises for personal transportation purposes.
   (d)   Citation for Violation. The Building Official, or his/her designee, and any member of the Amherst Police Department shall have the right to issue a citation to any property owner in violation of this section. The property owner shall be required to pay a fine of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for each vehicle in violation of this section. Any property owner who does not pay the fine within fourteen (14) days shall be subject to enforcement and penalties set forth in Section 1340.99.
   (e)   Public Nuisance. The storage of a motor vehicle in an inoperable condition or without a current registration in violation of division (a) of this section for a period of more than fourteen (14) days is deemed a public nuisance and shall be subject to abatement by the City. The cost of removal and associated administrative expenses shall be charged against the real estate upon which the structure is located. Such amount shall be certified to the County Auditor by the Law Director or his/her designee for collection the same as other taxes and assessments are collected, pursuant to Sections 715.261(B)(1) and (C) of the Ohio Revised Code.
      (Ord. 0-18-34. Passed 10-8-18.)