§ 156-04 Permits and Fees.
   (A)   Development and construction for all sites falling under the authority of this chapter shall submit a SWPPP that contains an ESCP for review and approval by the City. The City shall not grant any permit for site development or improvement activity that would fall under this chapter without first having reviewed and approved the applicant's SWPPP and ensured that ADEQ has granted the applicant an AZPDES CGP permit coverage.
   (B)   No SWPPP is required for the following site development/improvement activities:
      (1)   Any emergency activity that is immediately necessary for the protection of life, property or natural resources.
      (2)   Existing nursery and agricultural operations conducted as permitted or accessory use.
   (C)   Each application shall bear the name (s) and address (es) of the owner or developer of the site, and of any consulting firm retained by the applicant's principal contact at such firm and shall be accompanied by a filing fee as set by the City Engineer.
   (D)   Each application shall include a statement that any land clearing, construction, or development involving the movement of earth shall be in accordance with the ESCP and shall require a qualified stormwater person to visit site on days when construction or grading activity are taking place,
   (E)   The applicant shall pay the City during any and all construction phases, and if a major modification is required, the costs for engineering plan review and inspection visits, as specified in §156-08, as follows:
      Application                  Fees
      SWPPP inspection            $177 for the first ten acres, plus an
                        additional $19 for each additional five
      SWPPP plan review            $168 for the first ten acres, plus an
                        additional $ 28 for each additional five
An annual update in the above fees is to be made each subsequent July 1 equal to the change of the previous year West Urban Consumer Price Index.
(Ord. O2006-38, passed 6-21-06)