§ 156-08 Inspections.
   (A)   The City shall make site inspections for SWPPP compliance for the City-owned projects that are subject to the AZPDES CGP and shall either approve the work or shall notify the applicant whether the SWPPP appears to be compliant with the State's requirements. The City shall also make site inspections for its own SWPPP for all public regulated projects within its jurisdiction as required by Chapter 156, § 156-04. For private projects, the City may monitor and advise the applicant of any apparent remarks for their SWPPP. Plans for grading, stripping, excavating, and filling work bearing the approval of the City shall be maintained at the site during the progress of the work. To obtain inspections, the permittee shall notify the City at least two working days before the day of inspection for:
      (1)   Start of construction.
      (2)   Completion of site clearing and rough grading.
      (3)   Completion of final grading.
      (4)   Completion of final landscaping.
   (B)   A permittee's qualified stormwater person shall make regular inspections of all control measures in accordance with the inspection schedule outlined on the approved SWPPP. The aim of such inspections will be to determine the overall effectiveness of the SWPPP and the need for additional control measures. All inspections shall be documented in written form and submitted to the City at the time interval specified in the approved permit.
   (C)   The City/Design Engineer or a designated agent shall enter the property of the permitee as deemed necessary to make regular inspections to ensure the validity of the reports filed under § 156-08.
   (D)   The permittee shall maintain at the site, during the progress of work and until the final stabilization is achieved, an approved copy of the SWPPP.
(Ord. O2006-38, passed 6-21-06; Ord. O2021-020, passed 8-4-21)