§ 154-17.06  Prohibited and Exempt Signs and Restrictions.
   (A)   Prohibited signs.  The following types of signs shall be prohibited:
      (1)   Portable signs as defined by this chapter;
      (2)   Streamers displayed for periods exceeding 15 days;
      (3)   Balloons exceeding four feet in diameter;
      (4)   Animated, flashing or indexing signs;
(Ord. O2017-014, passed 5-3-2017)
      (5)   Swinging signs;
      (6)   Signs which rotate more than six revolutions per minute;
      (7)   Banners, other than for identifying a special event for a maximum period of 15 days;
      (8)   Any sign attached to a stand pipe or fire escape;
      (9)   Any sign which impedes access to any door, window or fire escape;
      (10)   Signs on public property, unless otherwise allowed by law;
(Ord. O2009-54, passed 10-21-2009; Ord. O2017-014, passed 5-3-2017)
      (11)   Any sign which facsimilates traffic control devices or emergency vehicles by reason of shape, color or other feature;
      (12)   Any on-site sign attached to an off-site installation which increases the existing sign face area;
      (13)   Any off-site sign attached to an on-site sign installation; and
      (14)   Any other type of signage which does not comply with the regulations and provisions of this chapter.
   (B)   Exempt signage.  The following types of sign installations shall be exempt from the requirements of this chapter:
      (1)   Flags;
      (2)   Government signs for street names, traffic control or other regulatory purpose of the government;
      (3)   Holiday decorations; and
      (4)   Signage located within the interior of any building or other enclosure, and not visible from any public right-of-way or adjoining property, provided, however, this provision shall not exempt such installations from the requirement for any electrical permit, such as an illuminated sign within an enclosed mall, any structural permit or other requirement of an applicable building code or other regulation adopted by the city.
      (5)   Temporary signs.
         (a)   Temporary signs are only permitted for licensed businesses that are located onsite, whose access or visibility are currently impacted by any type of undergoing active roadway construction, repair or maintenance that is immediately occurring adjacent to/or in front of the property and currently impacted by such.
         (b)   A temporary sign application is required to be filed with the city to determine placement of such, prior to installation.
         (c)   The City Administrator or designee is authorized and directed to promulgate regulations to effect this section.
(Ord.O2010-07, passed 1-20-2010)
      (6)   A sign on a truck, bus, boat, trailer, car or other motorized vehicles and equipment provided the following conditions are adhered to:
         (a)   Primary purpose of such vehicle or equipment is not the display of signs;
         (b)   Such signs are magnetic, decals or painted upon an integral part of the vehicle or equipment as originally designed by the manufacturer, and do not break the silhouette of the vehicle;
         (c)   Vehicle/equipment is in operating condition, currently registered and licensed to operate on public streets when applicable, and actively used in the daily function of the business to which such signs relate;
         (d)   Vehicles and equipment are not used primarily as static displays, advertising a product or service, not utilized as storage or shelter; and
         (e)   During periods of inactivity exceeding 72 hours such vehicle/equipment are not so parked or placed that the signs thereon are displayed to the public. Vehicles and equipment engaged in active construction projects and the on-premise storage of equipment and vehicles offered to the general public for rent or lease shall not be subjected to this condition.
   (C)   Signage for which no permits are required.  Permits shall not be required for any of the following sign installations, provided, however, that such installations shall meet all other requirements of this chapter as may be applicable:
      (1)   Changing the copy of a sign previously designed with interchangeable panels, letters or other graphics;
      (2)   Cleaning, repair, repapering, repainting a previously painted sign or other maintenance, including replacement of a sign face necessitated by damage or deterioration, none of which increases the existing sign face area. No activity shall be contrary to the requirements of §§ 154-17.02(C) and § 154-17.05(D) of this chapter;
      (3)   The painting of any on-site signage, whether permanent or temporary, within a window of any building wall, or the installation or modification, of any merchandise display within an existing window;
      (4)   Temporary signage not exceeding 32 square feet in area and six feet in height; and
(Ord. O2008-06, passed 2-20-2008; Ord. O2010-32, passed 7-7-2010; Ord. O2017-014, passed 5-3-2017)