(a) Payable in Advance. The fee for all licenses issued under provisions of this chapter shall be payable in advance.
   (b) How Prorated. Fees for all licenses issued under provisions of this chapter, having less than one year to run from date of issuance, shall be computed on the quarter year basis, This computation shall be based on a reduction of a quarter year amount for the time the license has to run before its expiration.
   (c) Use and Disposition. Fees collected by the Mayor in carrying out the provisions of Sections 785.23 to 785.27 shall be used by him to meet the expenses necessitated by a compliance with the provisions of such sections. Such expenses shall be paid out of the funds from the fees so collected. Any excess in the Mayor's hands shall be paid into the General Fund.
(1967 Code §§117.29 to 117.31, 117.40)