(a)   License Required. No person shall drive a taxicab, automobile and/or motorcycle kept for rent, lease or hire without first securing a license to do so from the Mayor.
   (b)   License Application. Application for a license by one who is to become the operator, driver or chauffeur of a taxicab, automobile and/or motorcycle kept for rent, lease or hire, shall be made in writing upon forms furnished by the Mayor and filed in his office or another designated City office. Such application shall contain the following information:
      (1)   Name of applicant.
      (2)   His permanent address.
      (3)   His age.
      (4)   The name(s) of his former employer(s) and present employer and the length of time employed by each.
      (5)   The names of three persons who may be referred to as to the applicant's character.
      (6)   A statement as to his arrest and convictions, if any, for violating the laws of any state, or the ordinances of any city, and other information the Mayor may require.
      (7)   The number of the State driver's license he holds, the date of issue, and if currently in effect; and proof same is not cancelled or revoked.
   (c)   Grant or Refusal of License. If the Mayor is satisfied with the applicant's qualifications and that the applicant is of good character and is a suitable person to operate a taxicab or automobile kept for hire, he may grant the application and issue a license. If the Mayor refuses to issue the license he shall notify the applicant, returning the advanced fee with such notice. A person refused a license shall have the right to appeal as provided in Section 785.25(a). (1967 Code Sec. 117.51.)
   (d)   License Fee.  Each application shall be accompanied by a fee of twenty dollars ($20.00) per year, or any portion thereof, effective January 1, 2005.
(Ord. 04-170. Passed 7-21-04.)
   (e)   Badge. At the time of license issuance by the Mayor to the applicant as a driver or chauffeur of a taxicab or automobile kept for hire, the Mayor shall issue a badge to such driver or chauffeur. The size and design of the badge shall be determined by the Mayor from time to time; on the badge shall be inscribed or imprinted the words "Chauffeur No. _____", and the year of issuing. Badges issued each year shall be numbered consecutively beginning with No. 1, and the numbers shall correspond with the license number in each case.
   The badge shall be worn conspicuously by the driver upon the right sleeve of his outer garment at all times while operating his taxicab or automobile kept for hire, and the badge shall not be assigned or transferred to any other person. Before the delivery of a badge to any person, however, there shall be returned to the Mayor all badges theretofore issued such person, unless he, by affidavit or by such other evidence as may be called for by the Mayor, shall satisfy the Mayor that the badge previously issued to such person has been lost, or for some other reason cannot be returned. Each badge holder shall, upon discontinuing or abandoning the business licensed herein, return the badge previously issued or delivered to him by the Mayor, or shall furnish to the Mayor a good and satisfactory reason for his failure to return it.
(1967 Code §§117.50 to 117.54)