General Provisions
   95.001   Application
   95.002   Definitions
Certification Conditions
   95.015   Conditions to operation of vessels
   95.016   Exemption
   95.017   Types of certifications; fees and taxes; exemptions
   95.018   Notice of destruction, abandonment or sale of vessel; transfer of vessel; fees; duration
   95.019   Dealer certificates of number and dealer decals
   95.020   Violation; record of charge or citation; inspections and modifications
Numbering and Identification
   95.035   Applicability
   95.036   Form of number
   95.037   Numbers; display; size; color
   95.038   Other numbers prohibited
   95.039   Documented vessels; decals; display
   95.040   Removal of number
   95.041   Validation decals; display; size; color
   95.055   Applicability; casualties involving vessels
   95.056   Immediate notification of death or disappearance
   95.057   Report of collision, accident or other casualty
Operation Regulations
   95.070   Operation of motorboats by children
   95.071   Personal flotation devices; exception; definitions
   95.072   Operation of personal watercraft; requirements; prohibitions; exception
   95.073   Operation of vessels; rules; speed; interference with use of waters by others
   95.074   Maximum or unlimited motorboat speed; rules; exceptions; waiver
   95.075   Reckless operation of vessels
   95.076   Operating motorboat at more than slow-no wake speed; prohibitions; exceptions
   95.077   Operation in counter-clockwise fashion; distance between persons being towed and other objects; exception
   95.078   Operation of vessels; prohibited in certain areas
   95.079   Towing of person; prohibited time; exceptions
   95.080   Vessels; use of portions unintended for occupancy prohibited; exceptions
   95.081   Interface with operation of vessel by non-occupant
   95.082   Divers; marking point of submergence; distance from diver’s flag
   95.083   Motorboat; muffler or underwater exhaust system required; maximum sound levels
   95.084   Responsibility for damage caused by vessel wake
   95.085   Peace officers; stopping of vessels; duty of operator
   95.086   Negligent crippling or death
   95.100   Inspection of watercraft and equipment
   95.101   Maximum capacity tags
   95.102   Weight capacity
   95.103   Horsepower capacity
   95.104   Passenger capacity
   95.115   Applicability
   95.116   Navigation lights; intensity standards; placement; screening
   95.117   Personal flotation devices
   95.118   Fire extinguishing equipment
   95.119   Backfire flame control
   95.120   Ventilation
   95.121   Muffler; cut outs
   95.122   Violation
Outboard Motorboats
   95.135   Less than 16 feet in length
   95.136   Sixteen feet or over and less than 26 feet in length
   95.137   Twenty-six feet or over and less than 40 feet in length
   95.138   Forty feet or over and not more than 65 feet in length
Inboard and Inboard-Outboard Motorboats
   95.150   Less than 16 feet in length
   95.151   Sixteen feet or over and less than 26 feet in length
   95.152   Twenty-six feet and over and less than 40 feet in length
   95.153   Forty feet and over and not more than 65 feet in length
Sailboats and Other Types of Boats
   95.165   Sailboat without motor, less than 16 feet in length
   95.166   Sailboat without motor, 16 feet or over in length
   95.167   Sailboat with motor
   95.168   Rowboats
   95.169   Canoes and kayaks
   95.170   Speed of boats; no wake
Personal Watercraft
   95.185   Definitions; applicable to personal watercraft
   95.186   Applicability
   95.187   Rules
   95.188   Operation of personal watercraft; requirements; prohibition; violation
   95.189   Reckless operation of personal watercraft; impoundment
   95.190   Operation of personal watercraft; distance requirements; exceptions
   95.191   Individual required to complete boating safety course; certificate required
   95.192   Display of boating safety certificate
   95.193   Operation of personal watercraft; graduated age provisions
   95.194   Certification requirements for out-of-state residents
   95.195   Sources of boating safety courses; failure of dealer to advise; violation
   95.196   Availability of documents to dealer; providing documents to buyer
   95.197   Enforcement of subchapter
   95.198   Compliance with state law
Restrictions, Violations and Penalties
   95.210   Operation of vessel by person under influence of intoxicating liquor or controlled substance
   95.211   Enhanced sentencing
   95.212   Peace officer; arrest without warrant; reasonable cause; conditions; returning vessel and occupants to shore; effect of not charging person receiving citation
   95.213   Chemical test and analysis of blood, urine or breath; collection of sample or specimen; application of administrative rules
   95.214   Chemical tests; administration; procedures; evidence
   95.215   Order not to operate vessel on waters of state; convictions; effectiveness
   95.216   Failure to answer citation or notice or comply with judgment or order; conditions
   95.217   Person subject to order; prohibited conduct
   95.218   Impoundment of vessel; order; execution; liability for expenses; rights of conditional vendor, chattel mortgagee or lessor of vessel
   95.219   Conviction based on plea of nolo contendere
   95.220   Public dock, pier, wharf or retaining wall; entry or use prohibited under certain wind condition; barricades; notice
   95.999   Penalty