72.01   Presumption as to vehicle parked in violation
   72.02   Parking prohibited in certain places
   72.03   Persons moving vehicle into prohibited area
   72.04   Compliance with direction of police officer
   72.05   Manner of parking on streets
   72.06   Parking prohibited over certain length of time
   72.07   Parking vehicles to facilitate snow removal
   72.08   Limited parking zones
   72.09   Loading zones
   72.10   Limitations and restrictions in municipal parking lots
   72.11   Leased parking stalls
   72.12   Removal of parking enforcement markings
   72.13   Authority of police officer as to illegally parked vehicle
   72.14   Parking privileges for the handicapped
   72.15   Certain vehicles restricted
   72.16   Parking of occupied trailer coaches
   72.17   Parking of commercial vehicles on streets and highways