(A)   The Preservation Commission or any person may propose landmarks or preservation districts for designation by the County Board by filing a nomination for any property or properties and structures located in an unincorporated area within the geographical boundaries of Will County and those municipalities as provided for by statute. Nomination forms shall be filed with the Will County Land Use Department.
   (B)   Such forms shall be provided by the Commission and, when submitted, shall include or be accompanied by all of the following information:
      (1)   The name and address, as shown on the tax assessor's rolls of the owner of record of the nominated property.
      (2)   The Permanent Index Number (PIN), legal description, and common street address of the property proposed for designation.
      (3)   A map delineating the boundaries and location of the property proposed for designation.
      (4)   A written statement describing the property and setting forth reasons in support of the proposed designation.
      (5)   In nominating an area for designation as an preservation district, a list enumerating all properties and improvements previously designated, or currently pending designation, as a landmark by this Commission or listed on any state or federal registers of historic places.
      (6)   There shall be no fee for submitting a nomination form to the Commission for designation of a historic landmark or preservation district.
(Res. 92-192, passed 9-17-1992)