All compensated positions in the service of the City shall be in the classified service and shall be appointed pursuant to competitive examinations, except the following, which shall comprise the unclassified service of the City:
      (1)    Members of Council.
      (2)    The Clerk of Council and other employees of the Council.
      (3)    The Mayor and the President of Council.
      (4)    The City Treasurer.
      (5)    The City Auditor.
      (6)    The City Attorney, Assistant City Attorneys, and special legal counsel.
      (7)    The Directors of Public Service and Safety and Assistants to these Directors.
      (8)    All heads of departments and divisions, except the Divisions of Police, Fire and Chief Inspector of the Division of Building and Zoning Inspections and the Street Superintendent.
      (9)    Professional engineers employed by the City.
      (10)    Members of boards and commissions established by this Charter or by ordinance of Council.
      (11)    Volunteer members of the Division of Fire and members of the auxiliary police unit within the Division of Police.
      (12)    The secretary of each board and commission established by this Charter or by ordinance, provided that if such secretary holds other employment within the classified service of the City, this section shall not exempt such person from the requirement of competitive examination to hold such other employment.
      (13)    Persons of exceptional professional or scientific qualifications engaged as consultants.
      (14)    Unskilled laborers as defined and authorized by the Civil Service Commission and approved by the Council.
      (15)    Temporary employees who are not employed for more than ninety days continuously, or for more than ninety days in one year.
      (16)    One personal secretary to the Mayor, City Attorney, Director of Public Safety, and Director of Public Service, and one deputy or clerk to each of the Mayor, City Auditor, City Treasurer, the Director of Public Service, and the Director of Public Safety; provided, however, that it shall be necessary for such positions to have been created by the Council. (Subsection (8) amended 11-4-75.)