(a)   An estate lot shall be defined as a single family residential parcel of two acres or more in size containing or proposed to contain one single family house. Such lots shall comply with the following standards and regulations in lieu of conflicting standards of Chapter 1211:
Minimum Lot area:
2 acres
Minimum lot width:
150 feet at the building line
Minimum side yard setbacks:
25 feet each side
(50 feet total)
Minimum front yard setbacks:
75 feet
Maximum building height:
3 stories
Entrance gate and/or landscape features:
Are permitted within 10 feet of the front lot line but not greater than 6 feet in height nor wider than 10% of the lot width.
Landscape entrance features:
Landscape entrance features are defined as small landscape elements including such features as mounding, pillars, monuments, address numbers, or other like structures and in connection with short sections of walls, or fences to identify the intersection of a private driveway with a public street. Such landscape entrance features may not enclose a front yard either visually or physically and may occupy no more than ten percent (10%) of the parcel width, shall be set back at least ten feet from a right-of-way or front lot line or side lot line, and be not higher than thirty inches in height except for trees, lampposts or pillars or like structures, the total widths of each when added together shall not exceed four feet and each of which shall not exceed six feet in height.
Maximum garage area
1,400 square feet
   (b)   Recreational Courts. The term “recreational courts” means the surface area and permanent installation of structures, recreation equipment and appendants thereto, used in conjunction with recreation activities including tennis, basketball and any other similar recreational uses. Recreational courts shall not be used for go carts, motorcycles or other motorized vehicles. Recreational courts as an accessory use in Section 1211.03 shall be permitted only on estate sized parcels as defined in subsection (a) herein and where all of the following conditions are satisfied:
      (1)   Recreational courts shall be constructed at grade level and be comprised of clay, grass, asphalt, concrete or other similar hard surface material;
      (2)   Recreational courts shall only be located in the rear yard;
      (3)   Recreational courts, fences and appurtenances shall conform to the setback requirements as set forth in Section 1211.20 of this Zoning Code;
      (4)   Appendant to said courts shall not exceed 15 feet in height from the base of said court to the top of said appendant. Fencing of the recreational courts shall not exceed 10 feet in height;
      (5)   No floodlights, light poles or lighting of courts is permitted;
      (6)   The total recreational court area plus all other accessory uses on property shall not exceed the minimum percent of lot coverage as permitted in Section 1211.09 of this Zoning Code; and
      (7)   A building permit shall be required as set forth in Chapters 1313 and 1315 of the Building Code prior to the installation of any recreational court.
         (Ord. 1997-139. Passed 9-4-97.)