There shall be no more than one one-family dwelling located on a zoning lot and both units of a two-family dwelling shall be within the same building, except in Multi-Family Districts or in Cluster Districts. In addition, there may be one or more accessory buildings on the same zoning lot with a main building if such accessory building is constructed subsequent to the main building.
   No dwelling shall be located to the rear of any building on the same lot, however, in Single-Family Detached Cluster and Multi-Family Districts, single-family cluster buildings and multi-family buildings may be arranged in a group with no direct frontage on a street, provided, that in R-MF-40 Districts, townhouse dwelling units shall be developed in sequences of not less than two nor more than four units on one or more lots. In Detached Cluster Districts, not more than four cluster dwellings may share a common private driveway leading to a public dedicated street or a private street improved to public street standards and dwellings shall be located within 500 feet of the street. Cluster developments shall be located on a single zoning lot and maintain an overall density as required in Section 1211.09.
   Yield Plan. A parcel which is zoned R-1F-Cluster shall contain no more units on that parcel than that parcel can be subdivided and developed in a One Family (R-1F-80) District in accordance with the standards for one-family subdivisions. The applicant shall submit to the Planning Department and Planning Commission a proposed One Family (R-1F-80) District preliminary subdivision plan along with the proposed cluster development plan for review by the Planning Commission for the purpose of determining the number of units to be permitted in the R-1F-Detached Cluster District.
(Ord. 2023-6. Passed 4-20-23.)