General Provisions
   34.01   Establishment of police force
   34.02   Marshal and Police Chief synonymous
   34.03   Appointment of Marshal
   34.04   Strategic Plan adopted
   34.041   Policies and Procedures Manual adopted
   34.05   Deputy marshals and police officers
   34.06   Offenses affecting employment of law enforcement officers; probationary period; final appointment
   34.07   Removal proceedings; suspension; appeals
   34.08   General powers
   34.09   Powers and duties of Marshal
   34.10   Disposition of fines and penalties
   34.11   Property recovered by police
   34.12   Disposition to claimant
   34.13   Sale of unclaimed property; disposition of proceeds
   34.14   Expenses of storage and sale; notice
   34.15   Contracts for police protection; nonresident service without contract
   34.16   Peace officer administering oaths; acknowledging complaints, summonses, affidavits, and returns of court orders
   34.17   Use of dog in drug cases
Auxiliary Officer Program
   34.30   Auxiliary police units generally
   34.31   Auxiliary Officer Program
   34.32   Auxiliary officers
   34.33   Requirements and selection of auxiliary officers
   Assault of police dog or horse, see § 136.15
   Disposition of unclaimed or forfeited property held by Police Department, see § 130.17
   Offenses against justice and administration, see Chapter 136
   Traffic Code, see Title VII
Statutory reference:
   Canine units:
      Registration, see R.C. § 955.012
      Regulations, see O.A.C. Chapter 109:2-7
   Motor vehicle pursuit policies to be adopted by municipality, see R.C. § 2935.031
   Peace officer training, see O.A.C. Chapter 109:2-1
   Power of municipality to establish a police department, see R.C. § 715.05
   Purchase of police dogs or horses by law enforcement officers, see R.C. § 9.62