(a)   For purposes of administering and enforcing this chapter, any other applicable provisions of the City of Wayne Code, or applicable State or Federal laws and regulations, the Department may inspect the establishment, facility or other premises of the industrial user. The Department’s employees or authorized representative shall have access to the industrial user’s premises for purposes of inspection, sampling, compliance monitoring and/or mending activities.
   (b)   Each such inspection or sampling activity shall be commenced and completed at reasonable times, and in a reasonable manner. Upon arrival at the industrial user’s premises, the Department shall inform the industrial user, or the industrial user’s employees, that sampling and/or inspection is commencing, and that the facility’s authorized representative has the right to observe the inspection and/or sampling. The Department shall neither refrain from, nor be prevented or delayed from, carrying out its inspection or sampling duties due to the unavailability of the authorized representative of the facility to observe or participate in the inspection or sampling activity.
   (c)   While performing work on private property, employees or authorized representatives of the Department shall observe all reasonable safety, security and other reasonable rules applicable to the premises as established by the industrial user. Duly authorized employees or representatives of the Department shall bear proper credentials and identification, and at the industrial user’s option may be accompanied by a duly authorized representative of the industrial user. Duly authorized Department representatives shall not be restricted from viewing any of the facility site. Department employees or representatives may take photographs of facilities subject to this chapter, which shall be maintained by the Department as confidential in accordance with Section 1042.11.
   (d)   Where an industrial user has security measures in force, the industrial user shall make prompt and necessary arrangements with the security personnel so that, upon presentation of appropriate credentials, personnel from the Department will be permitted to enter for the purposes of performing their specific responsibilities.
   (e)   Significant industrial users shall sample and analyze their discharge in accordance with the provisions of their permit. The Department may require such samples to be split with the Department for the Department’s independent analysis.
   (f)   Industrial users shall maintain records of all information from monitoring activities required by this chapter, or by 40 C.F.R. § 403.12(n). Industrial users shall maintain the records for no less than three years. This period of record retention shall be extended during the course of any unresolved litigation regarding the discharge of pollutants by the industrial user, or the operation of the City of Detroit’s Industrial Waste Program, or when requested by the Department, by the State, or by the EPA.
   (g)   Upon the request of the Department, industrial users shall furnish information and records relating to discharges into the POTW. Industrial users shall make such records readily accessible to the Department at all reasonable times, and allow the Department to copy such records.
   (h)   In the event the Department obtains samples, and analyses are made of such samples, a copy of the results of such analyses shall be promptly furnished upon written request by the industrial user’s authorized representative. When requested by the industrial user, the Department employee or representative shall leave with the user, a portion of any sample of the user’s discharge taken from any sampling point on or adjacent to the premises for the user’s independent analysis. In cases of disputes arising over shared samples, the portion taken and analyzed by the Department shall be controlling unless proven invalid.
   (i)   In addition to any other violation caused by the discharge described herein, in the event a single grab sample of the industrial user’s discharge is obtained by the Department, and then analyzed in accordance with 40 C.F.R. Part 136, and found to contain concentrations of pollutants which are two or more times greater than the numeric limitations as listed in Section 1042.06 of this Code, or as contained in the facility’s wastewater discharge permit, the industrial user shall implement its slug control plan, and shall provide a written report to the Department within 14 days, which describes the cause of greater concentration and provides a description of the means by which future discharge concentrations will be held to values of less than two times the limitation in the future.
(Ord. 2013-05.  Passed 6-18-13.)