(a)   Significant industrial users shall provide, operate and maintain at their own expense a sampling manhole or special structure to facilitate monitoring, inspection, sampling, and flow measurement of their discharge by the Department and the industrial user, and to enable the Department to conduct such other monitoring and sampling as required for determining compliance with discharge requirements, limits and standards as provided for in this chapter. In the event the Department determines that the monitoring facility identified in the permit application is inadequate, a new monitoring facility must be identified, or provided, which shall allow for collection of a representative sample of the wastewater discharged from the facility. Unless otherwise determined at the discretion of the Department, such facility shall be provided within 90 days of receipt of notification by the Department. The industrial user shall provide the Department with:
      (1)   A drawing showing all sewer connections and sampling manholes by the size, location, elevation, and points or places of discharges into the POTW;
      (2)   A flow schematic showing:
         A.   Which connections receive each national categorical process wastestream;
         B.   Which connections receive storm water, sanitary water or cooling water; and
         C.   Which lines handle each combined wastestream. This report shall be certified by a professional engineer. If a significant industrial user fails to install the monitoring facilities within the prescribed time limits, then the Department may install such structure or device and the significant user shall reimburse the Department for any costs incurred therein.
   (b)   The sampling manhole should be situated on the industrial user’s premises in a location readily accessible to the Department. When such a location would be impractical or cause undue hardship to the industrial user, the Department may allow the facility to be constructed in the public street or sidewalk area when there is room and the location will not be obstructed by landscaping or parked vehicles. It shall be the responsibility of the industrial user to obtain any necessary approvals which may be required from other government agencies for the location and construction of monitoring facilities. There shall be ample room in or near such sampling or monitoring manhole or facility to allow accurate sampling and preparation of samples for analysis. The facility and any permanently installed sampling and measuring equipment shall be maintained at all times in a safe and proper operating condition at the expense of the industrial user. Whether constructed upon public or private property, the sampling and monitoring facilities shall be provided in accordance with the Department’s requirements and all applicable local construction standards and specifications. (See Section 1042.08(g).)
(Ord. 2013-05.  Passed 6-18-13.)