Wards and Boundaries
   EDITOR'S NOTE: Article III, Section 3.00 of the Charter provides that a Districting Commission, consisting of six qualified voters of the Village appointed by a majority vote of the members of Council, shall divide the Village into five wards of substantially equal population every ten years and at any other time Council believes it necessary to preserve such equality. Sections 105.01 to 105.05 contain description of the wards as prepared by the first Districting Commission and presented to Council on December 12, 1970.
105.01    First Ward.
105.02    Second Ward.
105.03    Third Ward.
105.04    Fourth Ward.
105.05    Fifth Ward.
One Councilman from each ward - see CHTR. Art.III §2.00 
Division into wards - see Ohio R.C. 731.06