General Provisions
   32.01   Disposition of premium paid for bonds
   32.02   Sinking funds
   32.03   Writing off certain receivables
   32.15   Rate bill; warrant for collection
   32.16   Abatement of taxes for low and moderate income housing
   32.17   Payment of motor vehicle taxes and other tax bills under $50
   32.18   Property tax exemptions for solar energy systems
   32.19   Exemption of real and personal property acquired by certain tax-exempt institutions
   32.20   Notice to pay taxes
   32.21   Specific penalties regarding the failure to pay taxes
   32.22   Tax Collector function
   32.23   Demand and levy for the collection of taxes
   32.24   Legal actions pertaining to real estate taxes
   32.25   Fees and costs payable to the city in legal actions pertaining to the collection of taxes
   32.26   Joint administration of the Enterprise Fund collections pertaining to water and sewer services
   32.27   Applicability of Chapters 38 and 39 of the Code of Ordinances to the procurement and ethical standards applicable to marshals, constables, special constables, collection agencies and other vendors pertaining to the collection of taxes
   32.28   Urban Rehabilitation Home Ownership Program tax deferral
   32.29   Tax exemptions for co-generation systems
   32.30   Property tax exemption; Gold Star parents and spouses
Budget and Finance Procedures
   32.40   Limitations pertaining to budget transfers
Charter reference:
   Financial departments and agencies, see Charter Ch. 7, Part C
   Fiscal provisions generally, see Charter Chs. 9 and 10
   Powers of Board of Aldermen related to finances, see Charter § 3A-2
   Taxation, see Charter Ch. 1, Part B, § 2A-2