(A)   Permanent signs in the I-1 and I-2 Industrial Zoning Districts shall be limited in number, area, height and setback as set forth in Table E of § 154.486. The total display area for all permanent free-standing, wall/building mounted and window graphics signs on any parcel within these districts shall not exceed 550 square feet.
   (B)   Supplemental standard for signs in industrial districts.
      (1)   Changeable copy signs. Permanent freestanding signs may have up to 30% of the permitted sign area as set forth in Table E devoted to changeable copy, subject to the following restrictions.
         (a)   Changeable copy signs are not permitted to be part of a sign that is on a building or parcel that is used for any residential purposes.
         (b)   Electronic or mechanical changeable copy signs are conditionally-permitted uses and not allowed unless the Planning Commission has issued a conditional zoning certificate.
      (2)   Multi-occupant facilities. When a freestanding sign is permitted on a site that has more than one occupant, it is the property owner's responsibility to determine if the sign area shall be devoted to identification of the building(s), the anchor occupant, all occupants, or some combination thereof.
      (3)   Instructional signs. Instructional signs as defined in § 154.473(D) shall be permitted provided such signs comply with the following:
         (a)   Signs shall not be larger than necessary to serve the intended instructional purpose, but in no event shall any sign exceed a display area of two square feet.
         (b)   The number of instructional signs located on the site are the minimum needed to serve the intended instructional purpose.
         (c)   The signs are not located or designed to be legible or serve to attract attention beyond the perimeter of the site.
         (d)   The signs may not be affixed to the base or display area of an approved freestanding sign.
      (4)   Sign illumination.  
         (a)   Allowances for sign illumination in the commercial district are as noted in Table F of § 154.486
         (b)   Freestanding signs adjacent to a residential district shall only be externally illuminated.
(Ord. 07-045, passed 7-17-07) Penalty, see § 154.999